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Product Newsletter 1 March 2009

Spacious Interior of Typcial Investment Porperty (Ipswich) right


AMP has reported that the cash flow into its investment arms has fallen by 52 per cent in the December quarter.

Now Axa has reported an astonishing 84 per cent fall in net inflows and a dramatic fall in new managed funds in the December half year.

And “capital guaranteed” products are proving that they are 180 degrees away from what the advertisements promised.

No wonder the rush is towards the products that I recommend – they’re “as safe as houses”.

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The International Monetary Fund has confidence that the Australian housing market will “fare much better than other countries” and that the “fundamental drivers” of house prices is “strong immigration flows, and the other is the interest rate.”

Source: Sydney Morning Herald 2 February 2009 (“Australian housing a survivor on the world stage”)


Blue-collar workers seeking a quick and easy commute to work have driven up property sales in some of Brisbane's most affordable suburbs.

A report released by Colliers International Research indicates blue-collar workers - technicians, teachers, tradesmen, machinery operators, police as well as unskilled labour in the manufacturing and wholesale workers - have flooded South-East Queensland's strongest industrial employment nodes.

Investors are joining them in search of a bargain, with the Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) saying there are healthy long-term gains to be had.

The report's author, Helen Swanson, said the top 15 working class suburbs were situated within three kilometres of a major arterial road or highway development.

"Emerging industrial precincts like Ipswich and others in the outer south will see more blue-collar workers move to these areas so they can work closer to home," Ms Swanson said.

"Whether it's highways, roads, bridges or railway there's always going to be benefits to the property market that flow from infrastructure projects," she said.

She said the infrastructure precincts made for emerging real-estate hotspots.

"These suburbs offer good market fundamentals to receive both the opportunity for good rental yield and modest capital growth," she said.

Working class families, who are generally non-transient - a market fundamental - also accounted for strong, long-term rental potential.

"If you can hold on to investment properties, or if you can get in there before the development is completed and before the area or the inner-ring becomes saturated, you are likely to experience strong rental yield and long-term capital growth," Ms Swanson said.

Source: The Courier Mail 18 February 2009

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