Monday, October 10, 2005

Investment Property newsletter Oct 05


This is Bernard Kelly again.

You will appreciate - from earlier messages - that my focus is to ensure that all of my clients retire laughing.

Which is why the website is named (Another reason for that name was to make it easy for my radio audience to remember.)

And the reason why people choose us to explore their options for financial security in anticipation of 15-20-25 years of dignified retirement is much the same as when they choose an electrician - they want someone who knows what to do, they don't want to take any risks, and they don't want problems in the future.

The current "hot topic" in residential property investment is the intended $30,000 infrastruture tax on new blocks recently announced by the Victorian state government. They didn't announce the start date, but we know it's coming - the equivalent tax in New South Wales is $50,000!

For you to benefit, you simply have to buy where this new tax will have most impact. But you need to have done the paperwork before that magic midnight in 12 or 18 months time (or whenever). Imagine, if you acquire an investment property before then - say in an adjacent estate - this new tax will create INSTANT EQUITY in your IP of $30,000.

This INSTANT EQUITY is readily available to you, wrapped in the usual security of (a) the certified dwelling (b) located where there will always be tenants (c) with the tax clawback (d) the funding package (e) the accountancy considerations (f) the legal considerations (g) rental management and (h) your exit strategy.

But like when you engage an electrician, you can't become a property investor yourself without good advice. (Without professional assistance, the best outcome that you could anticipate is to become a landlord).

Feel free to contact me anytime. I'll help you develop your strategy to collect your share of this INSTANT EQUITY.

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warm regards

Bernard Kelly

P.S. when you tell work colleagues, friends and family members about my website tell them that I'll be happy to deliver to them also that book by Jan Somers "101 Success Stories of Property Investors"