Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Product of the Month October 2007

Prime Location to Boost Your Retirement Funds

Have a look at this fantastic investment property:

I shared this one recently with a private client. It's now finished and tenanted. There are 4BRs plus ensuite, double garage with remote, all window and floor converings, air con etc. to appeal to the ideal tenant in that growth corridor adjacent to all those jobs in the south west suburbs of Brisbane.

And as it is brand new, you - as the investor - get maximum tax deductions!

That south west of Brisbane is an area that I am very excited about. When I saw the prices of the homes on offer - now some time ago - I decided to take a second look - and lucky I did...
These perfectly located investments offer exceptional value for money. Each benefits from a long list of both internal and external standard inclusions - full details and floorplans are attached.

The developer where I source product in Brisbane for my private clients is a long established family firm who still believes in a quaint concept called a 'job for life'. Many of their workers have been with them for over 20 years and after every inspection I can plainly see they apply the same care and love to the construction of their properties too.

It's funny - we sell so many investments that it can become hard to get overly excited about any one in particular.

As one of my clients likes to say they're boxes that make money. There are a few available right now at $369,000 (your contributions may be only $30,000 over five years) and what's likely to happen - if property keeps appreciating like it has done since statistics began - is that each will double in 7-10 years. So just think that's what you're putting into the bank for your retirement.

The ones I can share with my private clients are special. I love the ethos of the developer and I love the fact that we have property rentals that stack up.

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