Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Property Investing Newsletter 1 Dec 2010


To enable you to boost your referral business - you'll remember that I'll pay you $5000 for each successful referral - I've had a video professionally done to explain the very successful formula that I share with my private clients.

The basis of the formula (wholly explained in the five minute video) is:

40% Location (and how I determine which - of the 35+ regional locations across Australia - should outperform all others over the next ten years)

35% The Product (i.e. the style of accommodation)

25% The Packaging (i.e. the funding, the legal ownership structure, the management agent, the insurances, your tax credit back each payday, the immediate update to your wills etc etc)

Total 100% - complete satisfaction

Clink this link or copy and paste: www.youtube.com/retirelaughing

Feel free to share it with family, friends, and colleagues - and let me know IMMEDIATELY if they show any interest.


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