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Product Newsletter 1 April 2008

Pouring the Slab at an Investment in Goodna Heights, in the south west suburbs of Brisbane, that I shared recently with a private client.


Tim Lawless, research director of RP Data, writing in BRW 21 February said

“Queensland’s south-eastern corner is the pick for the strongest medium-term growth.

“In addition, the state economy is growing at the second-fastest rate in the nation, the resources sector is booming and population growth in the region remains high.

“Growth in Brisbane will slow to more sustainable levels this year, but is likely to remain above 10 per cent over the next 12 months at least.”


I was recently asked “What if the economy crashes?”

My reply was along the following lines:

“Thanks for voicing your reservations – if you didn’t have some concerns then I’d be reaching out to take your pulse to see that you’re still with us.

“You must remember that property investments are for the long term – you told me that you have only $100,000 in super. So you should consider putting one in place now, so that in five years - when you come to retire – you will have at least one running for you. Then if you live off your super for two years, then an investment – one that a family would pay say $400,000 today to live in – should be well in excess of that value.

“Since records began, property has increased three times in every 21 years. Which is why the commentators say ‘property doubles every seven to ten years’.

“And if you have ever thought ‘how will young couples ever be able to afford a family home?’ then you too know that property values increase over time.

“Over this past 150 years, there have been depressions and recessions, world wars, 22% interest rates, change of governments, financial meltdowns, stock market crashes, you name it. Even the impact of the ‘recession that we had to have’ in 1991 only lasted four years before property values exceeded what they were in 1990.

“Don’t let the current crop of bad news distract you from taking action to ensure some form of dignified retirement.

“I know it’s a watershed moment for you – but whether you invest, or if you don’t, there is definitely a foreseeable outcome either way. Destiny is a matter of choice, not chance.

“Which outcome would you prefer?”


Banks are in the business of lending money. They are not in the business of helping you put something extra aside for your retirement.

So they try to tempt you with “the lowest interest rate”. Unfortunately, as an investor, you will find that generally such loan products won’t let you make extra repayments nor will you have an offset account.

The same goes for “honeymoon rate” loans. The banks don’t give money away, so after the initial honeymoon period you’ll be paying a high variable rate, and there will be solid penalty exit fees if you try to go to another lender. They will make the same off your loan – over time – as off every other client’s facility.

The only way to obtain the best package is to talk with a funding strategist.

I can introduce you to a funding strategist at the peak of their profession.

Phone me Bernard Kelly anytime on 0414 778 518 cell 61- 414-778 518


The average investor can’t tell if my solutions are truly exceptional or just so-so.

But I believe so strongly in this proven and successful strategy, I am prepared to share the risk with you. And it’s this:

· Provided you follow my strategy, if you ever are without a tenant for more than four weeks at any time in the first three years, then I will pay you 85% of the initial rent from week five onwards.


I have put my seminars on-line.

There are ten clips, each of three minutes. Together they cover the full content of my live seminars that I deliver around the country.

You can see them on you-tube. Just go to and type in “Bernard Kelly”


Bernard Kelly mobile 0414 778 518 cell phone 61 414 778 518

PS As I don’t spend my advertising budget on traditional media, I’m able to pay you $1000 for successful referrals

I would be delighted to be your personal financial coach over the next five years and share a strategy that will dramatically reduce your learning curve.

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