Sunday, April 30, 2006

Rare & Unique Moment


Hi – this is Bernard Kelly again of

Now you know my general views about the ultimate outcome for property investment in Western Australia at the moment, so it has to be really something special for me to write this short note.

But if you are close to retirement with insufficient super, or if you are concerned how to finance 15-20-25 years of your retirement, READ ON.



Two weeks ago (it was actually 19 April 2006) the Premier of Western Australia confirmed that a new iron ore port would be built at Geraldton.

There will be new mines, and new rail lines will link to the new port.

The construction phase will be over four or five years, and during this time Geraldton will progressively boost substantially its role as a fly-in fly-out base for the mining community.

All this means that residential housing for families will be in limited supply immediately, and later there will be constant tenant demand.

Based on what typically happens in these circumstances (and Gladstone in Queensland is a fair example as it went through firstly the building of an alumina refinery then an expansion, and later an aluminum smelter and then an extension) house prices will jump SUBSTANTIALLY over the next two years.

Translating this into the language of a property investor, a negatively geared investment will create SUBSTANTIAL EQUITY over the next few years, and then become positively geared.

This is truly a rare event. But you happen to be in the right place, at the right time!

So if you are close to retirement and have insufficient super for your next 15-20-25 years, THIS IS A GOLDEN MOMENT THAT YOU ARE UNLIKELY TO EVER SEE AGAIN!

Geraldton is a well established town of 32,000 with a diversified economy just 450 klms north of Perth. has been extremely fortunate to secure access - for private clients - to a very limited number of residential property investments in Geraldton, in a new estate.

If you want me to give you my personal opinion of the likely financial boost available for your retirement fund and for your long term financial security, email me with your phone number and I’ll ring you back.

Whoever does the paperwork on these investments will benefit SUBSTANTIALLY. These investments will perform, irrespective of who owns them. It may as well be you!

If you decide to explore this opportunity further, I’ll be with you all the way – in particular:

 selection of the certified property (that will attract subsidised housing assistance from the mines),

 funding to suit your circumstances (not the bank’s)

 the legals (the purchase contract, the necessary updates to your will, both enduring powers of attorney etc.)

 maximum possible depreciation deductions

 accountancy support (including the 15/15 lodgment)

 the quantity surveyor’s report

 all necessary insurance policies

 tenant selection and on-going management.

With my support, you’ll become a professional property investor, not an also-ran landlord.

If you want to be able to buy a car ten years into your retirement, and pay for your hospital and medical bills later in life, EMAIL ME NOW!

Use this email address:

This is decision time. And as you read this, you are deciding right now whether to enjoy a gracious retirement - or live with the pain of regret.

What’s your decision?

Kind regards

Bernard Kelly 0414 778 518

P.S. Yes – of course this unique opportunity is available to anyone, including family members, work colleagues and friends.

I’m happy to help anyone.

Just forward the address of this blog to them.