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The focus of our retirement planning should be your health, your finances, family & friends and your zest for living.

The key is – obviously – your finances, as this allows you freedom to choose. Which is why I concentrate on it for my private clients.

And the risks to be addressed within the “financial” sector of your retirement plan are inflation, medical and hospital costs and of course longer life-spans. Which of course I address.

However what I am not sure of at the moment is whether the recent (5-8 year) substantial increases in the cost of basic commodities such as food, oil and metals are temporary or permanent.

But given the emergence of the middle classes in both India and China, I tend to the latter.

Which is why investment property remains such an outstanding investment compared to really anything else.

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It’s not easy to think about the future, and it’s much easier – when faced with the actual need to make a decision – to defer.

Psychologists say that buying a new refrigerator is one of our more difficult tasks, as it is a rare event, and unlikely to require an urgent decision. In contrast to say, deciding on a holiday, as holidays are routine events.

Procrastination is a technique that the brain has to help us cope with the anxiety of starting a new task, or making a decision. But of course the need to make that decision doesn’t go away.

Which is why so many of us procrastinate about planning for retirement.

Here are some excuses you may be using – right now:

• “I’ll be OK on the pension”
• “My wife can only focus on our daughter’s wedding right now”
• “I may not be able to get another contract”
• “I’m just too busy to think about it.”
• “It is too soon to think about retirement.”
• “I can't do it now; my finances are a mess.”
• “I plan to work until I drop dead.”
• “My parents died young, so there is no need to think of retirement.”
• “I don't have enough money to start planning for retirement.”
• “My family will take care of me.”
• “I don't want to think about it.”

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My daughter introduced me to this “profitable hobby” – or perhaps it’s a home based business.

You decide.

You can find all you need to know about being a taxidermist on the internet, and then all you need to do is practice – both the preservation and the mounting.

My daughter started with guinea pigs, as they are readily available and inexpensive. Just go out and buy six, and euthanise one for each practice session.

As you become proficient, you can then market your services by postcards left at Veterinary Clinics. A catchy headline could be “Maintain the Love” and then a few lines about the emotional benefits of having a pet preserved. Yes – it’s an emotional sale, but someone has to provide this service, so don’t feel squeamish about it.

Later on, when you become known, you can market more broadly, for preserving and mounting of fish, animals, birds and all types of game.

However when you start out, you need a strong source of clients – that’s why veterinary clinics will be important to you.

As for pricing, just go with the market, and charge whatever other taxidermists are charging. This could well be $300 for a cat, or $500 for a dog.

And don’t forget an appealing name for your home-based business. How about “A Pet Is For Ever Pty Ltd” ??


A recent Gallup poll (published 26 April 2011) in the United States indicates that a majority of Americans don’t think that they’ll have enough for 20-25 years of comfortable retirement.

53% of Americans who aren’t retired think that by the time they reach retirement (whatever that now means) they won’t be able to afford it, up from 32% in 2002.

Back then, 43% thought they would retire before age 65, but that percent is now down to 28%.

And 21% in 2002 thought that they would continue working past age 65. Now it’s 37%.

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“Planning Your Post-Retirement Career” is an audio podcast from the Harvard Business Review.

It features Marc Freedman, founder and ceo of Civic Ventures (San Francisco) discussing his recent book “The Big Shift: Navigating the New Stage Beyond Mid-life”.

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Retirement is no longer that block of time after you have disengaged from a regular income – rather it has become a fluid experience than is likely to last for 20-25 years.

It’s time now to seriously think how you and your partner will spend that time – and my suggestion is that you give it a test drive.

So take a month to put into practice what you are planning.

Perhaps you want to own a vineyard – well, there are plenty for sale. But before you purchase, why not go and work alongside the owner for a month to see it that lifestyle really parallels your dreams.

Or if you say you would volunteer for a charity – well, go and volunteer in the office of your chosen charity for a week or so. You may find that what you feel that you can contribute is not required, then what?

Or play golf every day for a month. That should soon cure you of that idle thought.

So what I am saying is

1) Determine what you and your spouse actually want for the next ten or fifteen years. My strong recommendation is actually buy a student workbook at the supermarket and start jotting notes.

2) Then analyse your options

3) Thirdly, go for a test drive.

What you will discover is what you'll love to do, and how to do it at a slower pace.


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