Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Newsletter January 2007

In-home health monitoring - $750 per month

Will you be able to afford a similar medical service to this?

Dovetail Health is a new company in Boston, Massachusetts, which provides a safety net for senior citizens living on their own by tracking their vital signs over a phone line for a $750 monthly fee.

Such technology has been available for several years and several electronics companies, seeing a boom in the aging population, have started manufacturing the systems.

However medical insurance companies generally don’t cover home-health monitors, so households have to pay for the service.

If this is the way that medical services are going, will you be able to afford a dignified retirement?

Boom times ahead for women

A report in the Sydney Morning Herald (1 January 2007) reported that women in their 50s are the happiest of all Australians.

Confirming our experience at retirelaughing.com, they feel that they have plenty of time left for living. They are also cashed up. There is much they still want to do and achieve. Careers and education are a focus for many, as well as travelling.

And concern for a dignified retirement is driving their investment strategies.

They feel young and sprightly and want to make the most of the next decade or two, while they are in good health and filled with energy.

Their parents are now elderly, so these women know that sooner or later their bodies will decline and they will be burdened with physical ailments.

So the time for living – and investing - is today.

Have you ever played Monopoly?

Most of us have played Monopoly at some time. But most of us don’t stop to think that you can’t win if you rely on your salary alone i.e. that extra $200 whenever you pass Go.

The only way to win is to buy property, collect rent, buy again, collect more rent, and continuously repeat the cycle.

Now our role at retirelaughing.com is to help our private clients secure their future through investing in property.

We educate clients to understand that property investment is nothing more than a cold blooded, clinical financial analysis. It has nothing to do with what it looks like, the colour scheme, or if you like it.

It’s simply a matter of offering an outstanding product in a growth corridor that will appeal to long stay tenants who want to live in that particular suburb.

Of course, if you locate your investment adjacent to an economic zone where there are solid manufacturing jobs, obtain the correct funding, structure the ownership correctly, plan for a maximum tax clawback, lodge a quantity surveyors’ report, arrange all appropriate insurances and update your wills, you do ever so much better.

That’s the level of professional support that we offer.

The Bottom Line is – do you think that you will be better off in 15 years if you have investment properties, or not?

So stop procrastinating – JUST START!

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