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If you retire with more, and with more options, we will have succeeded!


If you feel that the costs of holidays will get out of reach for you in the years ahead, explore this option without delay.

There are many sites on the internet where you can research home swapping.

A typical site is Aussie House Swap at

They say they are a quality home exchange database for those who love holidaying without huge accommodation costs.

Visitors can scroll the house listings for free but only members are able to make contact with other members privately via email.

Members are in total control with who they want to swap with e.g. seniors may prefer to swap with other seniors.

Membership costs $48 for 12 months.


Here’s a hilarious board game about retirement for baby boomers.

It combines nostalgia, life experiences and fun.

The game builds on three concepts involving the existence of a future retiree: life experiences, health and property.

The game is played with two, four or six people and takes about 90 minutes to play.

The game is available at


With today’s high cost of hospital care, many Australians are boarding planes bound for exotic places -- not for sightseeing or vacation but for knee and hip replacement surgery, bariatric procedures and heart by-pass surgery.

Every area of business is moving toward a global marketplace and healthcare is no different.

Historically citizens from around the world came to the centres of excellence in the United States, Europe and Australia and that of course continues.

However, the high cost of hospital care and the advances in medical technology around the world are encouraging citizens of developed nations to travel elsewhere for major elective health procedures.

If this appeals to you, a major provider of medical tourism is BridgeHealth International, Inc.

They say that they have assembled the most extensive provider network in the industry, with over 25 hospitals and 600 physicians, dentists and health professionals in more than 10 countries - and growing.

Their network of accredited facilities and world-class practitioners allows you to take advantage of the benefits of medical travel without the uncertainties and guesswork.


BOOMj bills itself as the leading niche portal with social networking and e-commerce serving Baby Boomers and Generation Jones.

The portal integrates content, social networking, e-commerce, and advertising, in health, finance, politics, technology, entertainment, travel, and lifestyle.

Go to


There are probably thousands of people that would love to know your secrets or tips you've discovered over time about your hobby or expertise.

Publish what you know and love... and monetize it.

You simple create an informational web site and blend it with affiliate programs, blogs, referral deals and AdSense Ads.

Over time you could earn $1000 per month from an online, niche-oriented business.

And once you have mastered that level of income, you would then want to go for $1000 per week, wouldn’t you?

Start with one e-book and create a web site around it.

If you need a website that enables you to make sales, go to


Peter Arnold emailed me about vending machines.

He has 42 vending machines for sale as he is moving to the beach.

They are bulk lolly machines and they vend a handful of lollies such as M&M’s, Jelly Beans, Nuts, etc, into little white paper bags.

This is a genuine part-time small hobby business (where the hobby is making money) as a machine only needs servicing (re-stocking, collecting money) every 4-6 weeks. So if you only serviced 10 in one day, that’s only 4-5 days work every 4-6 weeks.

None of the machines are on location at the moment, but good sites should be easy to find. They do particularly well adjacent to kid’s playrooms in hotels, in video shops or in 24 hour convenience stores, he says.

Sales of $1000 per month is easily achievable, says Peter. One machine in a very good location can achieve $150-$200/month, so if effort is put into finding good locations then a return more than $950 is possible. It costs about $40 to fill a machine

The purchase price for the 42 machines is $28,500 with a discount given for site finding costs, and start-up stock. Full training, support materials, spare parts, and phone support is included.

You can obtain further details from Peter on (07) 3321 1107


If you feel that you may not have enough for 20-25 years of dignified retirement, let me help you explore your options.

Contact me – Bernard Kelly – anytime on

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