Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Investment Property newsletter Dec 05

Hi this is Bernard Kelly again

During the past month, someone asked me why do I do what I do. The simple answer is that I enjoy helping people protect what they have, and also enjoy helping them acquire a few more retirement assets.

And it's becoming increasingly obvious that every one of us will need more then just one investment property if we are going to retire graciously and avoid struggling on the aged pension.

My educated guess that we will need an (inflation protected) retirement income of say $50,000 to be comfortable. That's with today's purchasing power. So we'll need a pool of (inflation protected) assets worth $1,000,000 that -at a 5% yield - will generate that $50,000 for us.

My job is just to show you the code to get that $1,000,000.


The Victorian State Government has acted swiftly to introduce its new Infrastructure Tax.

It is $8,000 on newly created blocks, and as I have been more focused in the past with sharing with clients investment properties in the outer suburbs, they will each benefit from the updraft.

At Birdwood Financial Group we still have a few investment packages that are pre-tax. So if you are considering an investment, the time to act is NOW! Don't wait until February because the then current stock will probably be up $8,000.


You wouldn't know but I have been an author since my teenage years.

I have now published my first experiential novel about investment: "Goolwa by Breakfast" that combines the visit to Goolwa (south of Adelaide) in January 1945 by the German submarine U-862 with a competition by two brothers-in-law - 50 years later - to put sufficient financial assets in place for their retirement.

I won't give the plot away (which has been highly acclaimed, incidentially) but along the way there is adequate analysis of the investment potential of (a) inner city apartments (b) existing houses (c) cluster developments (d) remote locations and (e) negative gearing to make you all happy.

To get your FREE download of "Goolwa by Breakfast" go to http://www.retirelaughing.com/goolwa.html

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Warm regards and Seasons Greetings

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