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We’re clearly all getting older, but most of us are not getting old … at least not yet.


While inflation in Australia rose 6.3% in the two years March 2009 – March 2011, household income rose 7.3%.

So the long term trend of our continually improving living standards continues on track.

I can’t see any change to this – with the estimated $380 billion investment flowing into the mining sector over the next five years, it will eventually flow through to the rest of the economy.
All of this explains why Fair Work Australia has just awarded the lowest paid a $1,000 pa wages increase, and why the Reserve Bank of Australia will continue to increase interest rates.

And with a massive shortage in housing accommodation, no wonder I continue to recommend investment property to provide for your long term financial security.

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If you have five years of more before retirement, why not save one third of your take home pay?

You could well save $80,000, and be well prepared for living cheaper indefinitely.

I’m now at an age when I can see that we’re like prisoners, chained to our jobs, our expensive homes, expensive holidays and restaurants.

However, people from lower socio economic groups live quite well – compared to people with far less (say in Africa). As do pensioners here in Australia, in later life, after a successful career.

As affluent consumers, most of us don’t even realize there’s any other way to live. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

As an affluent consumer used to spending large amounts of money to obtain food, stuff, and entertainment, it’s hard to imagine how it’s possible to spend practically nothing on furniture, a few dollars on clothing, very little on food, almost nothing on transport, and generally less on everything else.

With the dawning realisation that retirement risk has been effectively shifted to individuals from either the government or employers (with the steady erosion of the pension and the switch to superannuation), it’s far more common now to be considering a long term financial plan, practicing healthy living and helping to insure against life's uncertainties, whether its health costs, long-term care or out-living one's savings.

So if you have five years of more before retirement, why not save one third of your take home pay? You could well save $80,000, and be well prepared for living cheaper indefinitely.


In the crucible of capitalism, over a third of US employees expect to work past age 70 or never retire, according to a recent Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies survey.

Just over half (54%) of those surveyed planning to retire in their 60s with only 6% of people plan to retire before age 60.

And workers who plan to eventually retire are increasingly pushing back their retirement date. Some 40 percent of workers say they now expect to retire later than they did a year ago, up from 28 percent who said this in last year’s survey.

The 60s remains the most popular decade for retirement, with “For workers now the plan is simply to work as long as possible and work at as old an age as possible,” says Catherine Collinson, president of the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies.

“If you expect to live to 95 and you retire at 75 versus 65, that gives you 10 additional years to generate income and save, and 10 fewer years that you need to save for.”

Retirement no longer means a permanent exit from the workforce. Even once they begin calling themselves retired, just over half (54 percent) of employees expect to continue to work at least part time.

The most common reasons for working past age 65 are financial, including not having enough savings (34 percent), wanting extra income (18 percent), and needing health benefits (9 percent).

However, many retirees also say they will work to stay involved (19 percent) or because they enjoy what they do (16 percent).

However, not everyone gets to choose their retirement date.

A retrenchment, health problem, or the need to care for a spouse or relative could force you into retirement earlier than planned.

Many workers (31 percent) anticipate that they will need to provide financial support to family members.

But only 19 percent of workers have a backup plan for retirement income if they become unable to work before their planned retirement date.

4,080 employees of for-profit companies with 10 or more workers were surveyed by Harris Interactive online.

Source: Emily Brandon writing in http://money.usnews.com 23 May 2011


In our next issue, I’ll keep you up-to-speed with what’s happening with investment properties.

Remember, even if an investment doesn’t increase one penny over the next ten years, you’re still going to be $100,000 better off.


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